Day and Time:

Wednesday evenings

7:00 to 9:00pm


Ages: 10.5 – 15 years old


Things we do at meetings:

Loud games

Quiet games

Make stuff

Climb things

Laser Tag at the hall

Visit different places – go swimming, mini-golf, movies, emergency services


It’s about the Scouts working out at the start of the term what we would like to do and then with the assistance of the leaders making it happen.



Easter Camp

Easter Camp is a District Camp where we camp with about 120 other scouts, cook great food, play Oz Tag, canoe, swim, compete against the others to see who has the best camping skills and have a great time.


Scout Hike

Scout Hike sees the Scouts team up into patrols of 4-8 and trek their way through one of the state forests south of Sydney, going from activity to activity, testing their initiative and teamwork skills.


State Rally

Held at Cataract Scout Camp is a great way for new Scouts to learn the whole art of backpacking and sleeping in hiking tents. There are lots of activity bases and plenty of time to chill out as a patrol.


Bents Basin Camp

This camp is a bit more relaxed, we camp in the same place for 2 nights, do activities during the day like canoeing, riding the flying fox, and learning some new skills.  The leaders, with the help of the Scouts cook some amazing food in the evenings.



Held at Camp Kuring-gai on the Hawkesbury River this camp gets the Scouts mixing with the Venturers of Sydney North Region. We go with Waitara Venturers to get a taste of what they do and have a great weekend down on the river at the same time. The Venturers orgainze a ton of activities as well as we get to ride the best flying fox of the year!


Beach Camp

Totally unstructured, we go to the beach, eat more great food, have a Christmas dinner and just generally hang out.


Mystery Camp

The location – is a mystery, how you get there is a mystery – all gets revealed on the day, you just turn up prepared for fun and go with the flow! Previous camps have ended up on a beach or in a bush valley…who knows where we will go next.



Every three years there is an Australian Jamboree, we have just come back from camping with 11,000 other Scouts in January this year.  Activities included adventurous activities (rock climbing, abseiling, BMX biking, skateboarding and flying fox) as well as water activities (snorkelling, swimming, dunk tank, waterslide, and geo-caching), visiting a theme park and going on a city tour. There is also a great opening and closing ceremony as well as performances from singers, comedians and circus people on every night.


The next Jamboree will be January 2019, in Adelaide – it’s going to be a great experience for all the Scouts who go along.


Sample Night Program:

7:00      Opening Parade

7:10      Game 1 – run by the Duty Patrol Leader

7:40      Pop Your Top – Patrols compete against each other to light a fire and boil some water in a can, the winning team is the first to blow the lid off the top of their tin.

8:10      Rescue the Accident Prone Ones – a first aid game involving different scenarios, for example, putting the fire barrels away someone has a deep cut on their finger / someone stood too close to the fire and the tin’s lid hit them in the head / someone has a burn (Obviously none of these things will happen but it’s good to know what to do regardless)

8:35      Loud Boisterous Game

8:50      Closing Parade

9:00      Go Home


Term 1 2016 Program