1st Waitara Joeys meets on Monday afternoons from 5.30pm to 6.30pm


Joey Scouts are boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 8. This section provides an introduction to scouting through a wide range of enjoyable activities. The activities are aimed at helping the Joey Scouts learn about themselves, nature, helping others, having fun and finding friendships.


At this age children need experiences which help them learn to work and play in groups, mix with adults outside home and school environments, and develop their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual abilities through active experiences.


Joey Scouts are called a Mob which is made up of no more than 20 children. The Mob is led by a number of leaders. Joey Leaders have names from the friends in the Australian bush or Aboriginal names eg. Brolga, Bilby, Magpie, Possum, etc.

Theme of Joeys:

The theme of Joeys is “Help Other People” HOP HOP HOP!


What we do:

At Joeys we enjoy fun activities, craft, bush walks, outings, songs, games, stories, treasure hunts and many other activities. We visit fun places like the local Police Station, Fire Station, have visits from organisations like the SES, RSPCA, Guide Dog Association and they talk to us and tell us what they do and how they help everyone in the community.  


Annual Events:

Every year we attend events, like District Campfire, sing songs and do skits, play games and have extra fun at District Joey Fun Day, each year it is a different theme, the Joeys play games, do fun activities and meet other Joeys.  We also stand tall and march proudly at our local ANZAC Day March in Hornsby.


Participation Badges:

Joey Scouts do not work on a badge award scheme like Cubs and Scouts.  However, there are Challenge Badges, where Mob participation is essential to qualify. These participation badges include:

  • the Environment Challenge

  • the Adventure Challenge

  • the Buddy Badge

  • the Care and Share Badge


The uniform for Joeys consists of:

  • Joeys Polo Shirt - navy blue and tan yoke/sleeve and collar

  • Stone colour pants/shorts

  • Hat (bucket/wide brim/cap) - We prefer the wide brim for the little ones as it protects their ears from the sun. 

  • Scout Belt – navy blue with Scout buckle

  • Brown Leather Woggle

  • Group Scarf


Joey Scout parents are encouraged to assist the Joey Scout leaders in activities in the hall such as craft. Parents are also needed on outings as the ratio for outings is one adult to four children.


There is a simple standard opening and closing ceremony where the Joeys salute the flag and remember their promise, law and theme.


Term Program